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Requirements for members to attain ranks within the Guardians of Justice.

Baron - @

Needs to be voted into this position - by all current Barons.

Chancellor - #

Needs to be nominated to this position by a Baron.

Lord - !

600 Points and complete a higher quest, also must be nominated by a Baron

Guardian - $

450 Points and complete a harder quest, also must be nominated by a Lord or Higher Rank.

Paladin - ^+

300 Points and complete a harder quest

Knight - ^^

200 Points and complete harder quest

Warrior - ::

100 Points and complete a regular quest

Squire - ..

10 Points and complete an easy quest

Commoner - []

0 Points - Since they have only just joined.

NOTE: To gain rank points: hand items into the Armoury, attend meetings sometimes (late arrival is not acceptable). We sometimes give points for Guild Game & Tournament wins! Points may also be given by Sir_Kalench at his discretion for services to the Guild

However they can be deducted too, for not attending meetings without good reason, trying to cheat or using a non-legit item in a legit Tournament.

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