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   Do not take advantage of this service.  We would appreciate it if you will only give us the names of pks which have personally attacked you.  If you provoked the fight, please do not submit their name and info.  This is an honesty system, and if we get any reports that what you submitted is a lie, we will erase it along with all the other names you submitted.  This is not something to be taken advantage of.  Please don't spoil it.  And feel free to return to the pk list.

Your Name or Nickname:

Name of the Pk's Character:

Where did you find the pk?

   Diablo      Starcraft     Broodwars     In a channel  (for bots)

What was the Pk?

    Warrior     Rogue     Sorceror     Bot    Starcraft/Broodwars Player   I Forgot

Does this pk cheat:

    Yes     No     Not Sure

*Optional  Write a brief warning or description about this pk in the space provided:


Thank-you for spending the time to make a safer place.